Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update on Mom – Joanne Nordeen July 21st

Mom is home from the hospital.  We arrived home on Monday evening.  Mom still has some major healing to do here at home. We contacted Country Nurses and they are helping with the medical and daily care.  They will come to help as long as needed.  The stitches don’t come out until August 2nd when we will return to University Hospital for a follow up appointment.

Friends and neighbors are helping with errands and groceries.  Mark and Julie help with bringing meals.   This has been very helpful for Mom and me.

Thank you again for all of the messages and prayers. I read all the emails and Facebook messages to Mom.  I plan to return to my home on Friday for a few days or longer as Mom has Country Nurses to help.  And of course Mark lives a house away from her.  So I will continue to read the emails and messages to her by phone while I am gone.

Still waiting for the Pathology report.  We were told we would hear from them yesterday. No news, yet.

Toby is still in the hospital.



  1. Sandy and I pray for Joanne. May the Lord support and sustain her and the whole family. Ross and Sandy Aden

  2. Mom, you know my prayers are with you.
    Sis, it was so good to hear your voice! We will meet someday.

    Hugs to all of you!!


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