Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pathology Results:

Mom had an Atypical (Grade 2) Meningioma Tumor.

The tumor started in the lining of the brain. 

The tumor is not from the Breast Cancer. 

The Dr. called and said she needs to see a cancer radiation doctor/specialist. 
They scheduled an appointment for her on Aug 2 after we see Dr Baskaya.

Here is what is says on the UW Health site.
They are categorized in three grades, with grade 1 the least aggressive and grade 3 the most aggressive.
  • Benign (Grade 1)
  • Atypical (Grade 2)
  • Malignant  (Grade 3)

Link to UW Health Brain Tumors

Please keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers... 


  1. Continuing to pray to the Great Physician for your Mom!

  2. Oh, Marcia and family, I am so very sorry. Tough news to hear. Hugs and prayers to you all!

  3. You guys are still on my mind
    I'm thinking nothing but Very Good Thoughts for you.
    special hugs,


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