Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday/Saturday Update - July 15-16th on Mom - Joanne Nordeen

Friday:  Mom (Joanne) got up today and walked a little with assistance and sat in a chair. Her color is better and she is talking more. 

She had a MRI today to determine her next steps. (checked for swelling and stuff in the brain).  She might be in the Neuro ICU for another day or two, but to our surprise at 4:30pm on Friday night the hospital moved Mom to another section of the hospital.  It was still a Neuro Surgery part of the hospital, but not IUC.  

Saturday:  Mom slept well last night and is looking great today, talking and walking with assistance.  They even had her take a shower with her pic line wrapped in plastic and of course a shower cap to protect the bandages on her head. 
Mom's Dr. came in today and said she is doing great and is hopeful that she will be closer to going home in a couple days - possibly Sunday or Monday. What a wonderful surprise!

Along with the Doctor, we are all so amazed that she is doing so well, considering that the tumor was the size of a man's fist.

Thanks to everyone for the support and prayers.  I read the email messages and Facebook messages from you to my Mom.  They are comforting to Mom and all of us. 


  1. Marcia and family- take care of each other as you move foward in this journey. I know all too well the uncertainty that can accompany situations like these. My thoughts and prayers are surely with you all.

  2. All good news. That's wonderful!

  3. Going home already?? That is wonderful!!! And great to hear!

  4. Great news! I'm sure you all are so happy!


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