Sunday, July 17, 2011

Triple Update Sunday night - Joanne Nordeen, Toby, and Spencer

Update Sunday, July 17th – Joanne Nordeen
And an update on her dog, Toby and update on her grandson, Spencer.

The doctor came in today; looks like Mom can go home tomorrow!  She is walking almost unassisted.  Today was kind of a hard day for Mom, as we had to share the news about Toby, her dog.  Here’s what happened:

On Wednesday, Mark stayed overnight at Mom’s house with her dog Toby and my dog Gabby.  Mom and I stayed in the hospital for the Pic Line and more pre op stuff the night before the surgery.  

Our friend, Bette, came to Mom’s house to feed the dogs and take them out at 6:30am, as Mark was already with us at the hospital.  She had both dogs on leashes in Mom’s yard.  Two big racing-type dogs from the neighbor behind Mom’s house came over into the yard and attacked Toby.  It was horrible. Bette was screaming, hollering, and kicking at the two dogs to try to stop them from biting Toby.  The neighbors came out in their pajamas to help.  The Police were called for assistance.  Finally, they got the dogs off of Toby.

Bette wrapped Toby with a bathmat and got Gabby back into the house and rushed Toby to the local Vet.  They instructed her to go directly to Madison to an Emergency Vet Hospital.  They did surgery on Toby Thursday morning.  At about noon, Bette came to the hospital waiting room where we were waiting for Mom’s surgery.  Still traumatized by the morning, Bette explained what had happened to Toby.   Toby will be hospitalized for at least a week if not more.  Toby is having more surgery tonight for more repairs as they think he has some dead tissue on his back and to insert a feeding tube.

The Doctor finally let us tell Mom about Toby today.  Mark and Julie took a video of Toby at the Vet Hospital and showed it to Mom as they explained what had happened to Toby.

Let me back track to last week when we found out Mom had a brain tumor --- The very next day Mark and Julie’s son, Spencer had a bad bike accident where he lost the front wheel of the bike and went over the handlebars onto the pavement on his way to work.  He ended up in ER for a long evening of X-rays, stitches and bandaging. He had to miss over a week of work, but is starting to heal from his injuries.

So that gives you a recap of last week into this week as we could not tell Mom about her dog until today, so we could not share it with you.

Thanks again for all of your messages and prayers for Mom as she soon will be recovering at home.  I will be staying with Mom for a week or so. 

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  1. this week HAS to be BETTER,
    was this a meningioma?? i have one found when i was 50. so slow growing i may never have to have surgery. hope so.

  2. So glad to hear your mom is recovering so quickly!

    Horrible news about Toby. Hope he is feeling better soon.

  3. My goodness! What a time you've all had. Glad your Mom is doing so well!

  4. I'm sorry about the bad news but very glad to hear your mom is doing so much better!

  5. Can I tell about your mother and Toby on my blog? And can I 'borrow' a couple of photos?


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