Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update - Mom - Tuesday night - July 12th

Marty - my brother wrote this tonight .... A slight change in plans. Since they had some difficulties getting an IV in yesterday for the MRI, we now will be heading to the hospital on Wednesday morning (tomorrow) to allow sufficient time for the specialist to do this. Surgery is still scheduled for Thursday morning... 

I'm writing - Please keep my Mom in your prayers as we head off to the hospital on Wednesday to have a special pic line IV put in.  Then Mom and I will stay overnight at the Hospital and surgery will be early Thursday morning.

We will try to update this on Thursday night.  After surgery and recovery then Mom will be in ICU, so it may take a bit to get an update posted. 

Thanks again for all the kind messages and prayers.  We appreciate it so much. I read all the messages to Mom.
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  1. To my new found family,
    I wish that I could be there with you just to show you how much I appreciate each of you. Mom--Marcia said that she would share you with me as well, so as I am praying for you...I am praying for you as if you were my own mom. And Marcia, Marty, and the rest of you...I will be lifting prayers up for you as if you were my own siblings.
    Hugs, Tonya

  2. Prayers for all! and lots of love!


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