Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Denim Button Wall Hanging - 2003

Just another way to display your buttons.  Made this little wall hanging in 2003. I proudly display it on my wall the I see when I look up from my quilting machine.

There will be a post on July 15th about my quilting Studio where I will tell you more about my little treasures in my shop.  There is a beautiful large framed cross stitch in the center on this wall, that my friend Bette made for me in 2003. I love looking at it and thinking about all her little stitches.
This little denim pocket button wall hanging was made by my friend, Karen in 2003.  She sewed my vintage buttons on it!  I love it! It is also on display in my quilt shop.


  1. I have a ton of denim pockets saved. I want to make little hangings with them too. So many I go again...

  2. I never thought of this! Cool idea.


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