Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Vacation Project - Turn a Denim Shirt into a Quilt!

This was my entry in the Project Quilting Off Season Challenge - Catalog It! Your inspiration was to be from an ad.  September 2011.

I was inspired by clothes ads.  Many times we thumb thru' catalogs and order clothes. Then they come in the mail and they don't fit us correctly.  They just hang in our closets. Since this has happened to just about everyone I know, I decided we could all relate!  

I was inspired to create a quilt from an unusable clothing item --- a denim shirt that didn't fit me!

NOTE:  Sometimes I repeat a post from my Business Quilting Blog here, when it is personally about me or my family. Thanks for following... I added a few more photos here as this is my online photo album of my projects.

Links to how I made the shirt into a quilt!
#1  Cut the shirt ---- Up Cycle this Denim Shirt 
#2  The Process --- My Vacation Project Continues...
#3  The Binding --- A Fringie Raw Edge Binding
#4  Hot Pads --- Made from the Scraps
#5 Completed  Project --- This Post.

For my next "Up Cycling Quilt Project" I will be working with the blue patchwork shorts. I am planning to cut the shorts at an angle and create square blocks.  I will border with old denim shirts, not new fabric.  I plan to use all recycled fabric for this project.  

Would love to have you share your thoughts and ideas on recycling projects or Up cycling projects... creative recycling!