Monday, June 27, 2011

Raggy Sweatshirt for my Mom - 2002

This is from November of 2002 at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas. Photo is of my Mom and cousin Freddie. We had a wonderful meal at the restaurant. It was a day or two before Marty and Ann's Wedding.

On this raggy sweatshirt I left the original collar on the sweatshirt.

Raggy Blue Sweatshirt from 2002

I made this Raggy Sweatshirt in 2002 using a large sweatshirt and blue fabric scraps.  I stitched the squares and rectangles onto the sweatshirt with my regular sewing machine.  I just wiggled back and forth across them.  It was a fun project to make.  I made several of them in 2002 and 2003 for my Mom, a friend, and customers. 
I am the headless model.  Sleeve rolled up on the first photo and sleeve down in the last photo!  See feature posts of the other sweatshirts.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trims for Jewel's Jeans

In 2002, Jewels was home from college and she had a great idea to add silver rick rack to the waistline of her jeans.  I stitched in the middle of the rick rack and stopped and started at the belt loops to attach it all the way around.  I also stitched it right over the label on the back of the jeans. We also decided to add the rick rack to the hem of the jeans.  
We just gave a plain pair of jeans a little glitz!
Gabby was only 2 years old in this picture.  She was even getting in the pictures back then.  On one of the Friday's FAQ's Posts, I answered why she is in the photos... click here to see that post.

Adding Quilt Squares to My Clothes from 2002

When I was making all the raggy quilts in 2002, I found myself adding little scraps of fabric to clothing.  This was a cream colored denim shirt. 

If I remember right, I stitched the 9 patch on pocket and right through the shirt making the pocket unusable.  But I don't use those pockets anyway. I am pretty sure I top stitched over the cream colored thread with a blue thread on the pocket, collar, and the front placket.

Why not make a plain shirt look like a quilt? As if I didn't have enough quilted items.