Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quilts in My Kitchen

  • Covered an old bulletin board with fabric.
  • Added the wall hanging and family photos.
  • Look like a quilt to me! 
  • Don't Spit sign?  Jewels lived in Taiwan while in college and brought me back this sign. They have these all over, because of the air pollution people spit and they have to post signs, so they don't spit. 

Made a quilt for the butcher block using old dishtowels (Up Cycled them). Check out the center of the quilt in the next photo.

I embroidered a white dishtowel at a quilt guild gathering. Then I added borders of  new and old dish towels and vintage flour sack fabric.  I used an old linen table cloth for the back of it!

I will take a photo of the back and add it here when I get home tonight. I quilted it off center so you can see the hem.  That way you can tell it was a tablecloth. Up cycled it!

Here's my woven basket that Mom and I made in November of 2010. Great place to store the paper napkins.  Some people use the baskets for their mail.

Squeezed into the corner is a plastic grocery bag dispenser.

Added just a few photos to the refrigerator.
and here it is up close... looks like a quilt to me!

Favorite saying and favorite magnet!
Ritch likes it too, as it is a nice reminder!


  1. I loved this tour of your kitchen. It looks so comfy and 'homely'. Our kitchen is plain and blah and ugly. We will decide next spring if we are staying in this area or transferring once again with the state...then maybe we can settle for good and I can make our house 'homely'.

  2. I agree with Tonya. It's a nice warm inviting place with all your "quilts".


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