Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joanne Nordeen Medical Update Aug 2, 2011

Mark and I went to the follow up exam with Mom and met with the Surgeon. They removed the stitches. Weight and motion restrictions lifted. Can resume normal activities as she continues to heal.

Also met with a Radiology/Oncologist.
The tumor was a rare type of this Meningioma Tumor. (Left Sphenoid Wing Meningioma).  Because of its rarity and uniqueness she will be involved in a cancer case study about the tumor and the treatment of the tumor.

It was determined that she will benefit from Radiation.
She is so fortunate that they can arrange the radiation treatments at Johnson Creek - UW Cancer Center, which is only 15 minutes from her home.  They will start later in August.  Radiation treatments will be 5 days a week and last about 6 weeks.

Again thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.
 Dr. Baskaya, My Mom (Joanne) and Letty


  1. it must be a rare tumor. meningiomas are usually benign. did a path report come back malignant???
    has she had the tumor long??

  2. They figure it started growing 15 years or more and it will reoccur in less than an year if it is not radiated -- Yet they say they got it all when they did the surgery. Atypical Grade 2 --- between benign and malignant.

  3. Will you need to be with her to take her to Radiology appointments? I wish I could help you all!

  4. What a wonderful photo! And what a blessing that she can get radiation, and it's only 15 minutes away from home. God is at work here! We will continue to pray for her recovery, and that the radiation will eradicate all traces. God bless you all.


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